2.5.18 – “Splash it” in Bunkers

Golf Tip

Does your bunker play have you down? To improve it, think about choosing a different club, alter your mindset…and don’t forget to SPLASH! Here’s a new way to approach bunker shots:

  1. Select the appropriate club based on the distance needed. This could be anything from a 56-degree wedge to a 6- or 7-iron.
  2. Prepare your normal stance and be sure to take a full swing.
  3. Now, the mindset is to splash the sand, not explode through it. Try to keep constant pressure in your hands, and vary your attack angle until you produce a “splash” divot of six to eight inches long and about ½ an inch deep.

Pro tip: The harder the sand, the less of a swing you need. If the sand is very soft, consider clubbing up and swinging harder.

 Tips adapted from Randy Chang | Golf Tips

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