5.15.19 – Try putting backspin on your ball

Golf tip

Have you ever hit a golf shot where your ball soars over the pin, only to draw back near the cup, like magic? It’s a great feeling. Although you may not be able to make your ball “check-up” like the pros, practicing these simple steps can help you put backspin on your ball with greater effectiveness.

  1. For starters, most amateurs find it difficult to get enough height on their ball to achieve backspin, so it’s recommended you don’t try this with clubs longer than a 7-iron.
  2. Starting with your lob or sand wedge, put the ball towards your back foot (rather than in the center of your stance).
  3. Now, try to swing down on the ball, hitting the back of the ball first, then creating a divot in front of the ball after it’s initially struck.

Continue to practice this technique until your ball is consistently producing backspin. It’s not easy, but with enough practice, you can get your ball spinning back to the pin!

Tip adapted from Golfweek

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