John J. Brais, Owner, CRFA

Financial Planner
Family Wealth Counselor

Licenses: Series 65
IAPD – Investment Adviser Public Disclosure report


John J. Brais has provided retirement counseling and financial advisement services since 1998. He formed Horizon Financial Services, LLC and New Horizon Financial Services, Inc. to better serve his clients and offer a greater selection of investment options to help them achieve their retirement goals. John believes people are empowered by being able to choose from a wide range of options through which to secure their futures. John’s focus is on comprehensive financial analysis, conservative investment strategies and “big picture” planning. John is committed to educating clients about the various investment options available and guiding them in choosing the best plan to fit their unique needs. Since John considers his clients to be his “extended family,” the work he finds most challenging and rewarding is individual retirement counseling and estate/legacy planning. John has maintained a steady increase of new clients through the quality of services he provides. After working with him, many clients want their loved ones to experience the same benefits they have enjoyed from his services. Being introduced to their friends and families is his greatest compliment, and it is an honor for John to work with them as well. John’s eagerness to learn, his excitement to share his knowledge, and his standing as an active, positive force in the community has earned him the respect and admiration of his clients and staff.