Scott D. Walker

Financial Planner
Family Wealth Counselor

Licenses: Series 65
IAPD – Investment Adviser Public Disclosure report


Scott joined Horizon Financial Services, LLC in June 2011, fresh from the retail banking world where he worked for both Wachovia Bank and Wells Fargo Advisors as a Regional Bank Private Banker in Winston-Salem, N.C. Scott has extensive knowledge of insurance and investment products, a solid professional reputation, and passionate commitment to helping others achieve financial success the right way.  Scott believes there is nothing more crucial to building and maintaining long term relationships than integrity. He takes his client responsibilities seriously and continuously strives to develop a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the financial concerns and needs of all of his clients.  With more than two decades of experience working with individuals and businesses, he has a simple philosophy that most people are really looking for someone they can trust to always do the right thing and a true friend who will not just tell them what they want to hear or take advantage of the relationship. Scott is a teacher at heart. He truly loves to educate his clients about the very best, affordable and appropriate financial products specific to their individual needs that are available in today’s confusing financial marketplace.

Scott was born and raised in Winston-Salem. His wife, Cheryl, likes to tease him by claiming “Walkers never leave Forsyth County” which is not a stretch since part of his family history dates back to the original settlers of Bethania.  The proud father of two wonderful daughters, Rebecca and Samantha, Scott is actively committed to our community.