As a client of Horizon Financial Services, LLC, you have access to these valuable, online wealth management tools. They will provide you with secure, easy access to your account information and offer other important benefits. Take a moment to read about each of these tools and the resources they provide.

After you become a client, we will assist you in the set-up process for each of these tools. Afterwards, you can bookmark this page for quick access to your account balances, statements, performance summaries and other important documents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with any of these tools.

eMoney Advisor is a robust wealth management program that offers you a broad range of benefits and assists us in the management of your holistic financial plan. By consolidating your account information from various financial institutions, eMoney is able to show you an up-to-date snapshot of your complete financial profile in one location. eMoney’s Vault provides you with a secure location to save all of your important documents and share them with us confidentially. Please see our Life in a Box video to learn more about this invaluable tool.

Account Login is TD Ameritrade’s website for direct, online access to your securities account. You can easily check your account balances, positions and transactions at any time and access your monthly statements and tax documents as soon as they become available.

Account Login

This web portal provides you with secure, easy access to your quarterly billing statements, performance summaries and account allocations. We also use this important tool to share required disclosures with you each year.

Account Login


    What are Net Investable Assets?