Fixed Index Annuities

Annuities are insurance contracts that provide income for a set period of time, often beginning at retirement age. After an annuity is purchased, either by making a single or series of payments, an insurance company agrees to make regular payments to the owner of the annuity. Depending on how the contracts structured, payments can begin immediately at retirement or at a future date. Annuities can provide valuable benefits as part of a long-term savings program.

Types of Annuities:


Immediate annuities allow you to convert your assets into income and start receiving income payments right away.


Deferred annuities allow your assets to grow tax-deferred until withdrawals are taken, usually during your retirement.

Both annuity contracts are offered in two ways – variable or fixed.


Variable annuities are funded with securities, stocks and unsecured bonds which tend to fluctuate with economic conditions. This means the value can fluctuate with the underlying securities used to fund the contract.


Fixed annuities provide guaranteed fixed-dollar income payments with set or fixed interest rates.

Horizon Financial Services can recommend whether a fixed income annuity should be included as part of your long-term retirement strategy. Contact us to learn more, or download more information here.