You’ve worked hard to build what you have so it’s only natural you want to establish and nurture a legacy that will last for many years after your passing. Estate planning basics, like a last will and advanced directive, are of vital importance, but it’s also beneficial to think about the process more holistically. Horizon Financial Services, LLC can help you create a legacy plan that will support the people you love even after you’re gone.

As part of our comprehensive planning process, we collaborate with each client’s estate attorney to allocate investments and build a plan that helps ensure a financial legacy for generations to come. We can provide allocation and planning strategies to minimize estate taxes, maximizing the amount you leave behind to those that matter most. Depending on each individual situation, we will review current wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living will, health care proxy, estate taxes, and current charitable gifting plans.

Because legacy building is an evolving process with many moving parts, we will adjust your plan over time based on any changes in your circumstances or goals. We consider the impact of any applicable tax law changes and make recommendations for addressing them. Your loved ones can benefit from participating in your legacy-building process and we encourage them to engage at the time that’s best for you. This helps them better understand your desires and the wealth they will inherit.

Are you ready to create a financial legacy, including a charitable giving plan? We’re ready to start building a plan with you.


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