Yvonne Albarran

Accounts Receivable Specialist/IT Solutions Coordinator/Assistant Compliance Officer


As Assistant Compliance Officer/Accounts Receivable Specialist/IT Solutions Coordinator, Yvonne’s responsibilities range from working closely with the Chief Compliance Officer, accounting departments of various insurance carriers, ensuring that all client files are maintained and current, to providing information technology (IT) support and coordinating the technology needs to keep office processes running smoothly. In addition, Yvonne works closely with the Portfolio Manager providing assistance in managing and updating all portfolio management programs.

Yvonne has 20+ years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry.  Prior to joining New Horizon Financial Services, LLC in 2003, Yvonne served as a Senior Service Coordinator with Prudential Financial where she worked collaboratively with financial and insurance associates to provide sustainable, customer focused solutions.

She and her husband, Wilfredo, have called North Carolina home since 2002.  Yvonne enjoys volunteer work, gardening, cooking, reading, and the outdoors, but her greatest enjoyment comes from being a mom to her son and daughter.