At Horizon Financial Services, LLC, we help our clients identify ways to lower their overall tax burden by offering tax minimization strategies as part of our comprehensive financial planning process. In addition to helping minimize taxes on current investments, we also consider additional areas for savings when making recommendations for changes. This type of strategic tax planning helps ensure our clients’ investments are aligned with their holistic financial plan.

Considerations for tax minimization can include cost basis, realized gains, carry forward losses, tax loss harvesting, deductions & credits, Roth conversions and LLC & S Corp establishment. We also consider estate taxes and help our clients employ strategies to minimize the taxes they pay during retirement as well as when their wealth is passed to the next generation. This process can look different every year depending on changes in your situation, which is why we believe it’s important to review your tax return each year. Changes in tax laws can also have a substantial impact on savings. We stay abreast of these and other important changes to help ensure your investments, income plan, and estate documents are modified as needed to stay relevant and optimized. We can help you take advantage of beneficial changes or make adjustments to proactively lessen the impact of less desirable ones.

To help ensure a cohesive financial plan and tax return, we collaborate with our clients’ tax advisors to identify tax filing options that support their financial objectives. Horizon Financial Services, LLC has developed a strategic partnership with Joe Wright, CPA, PLLC, a trusted and experienced CPA firm in the Triad. Learn more about Joe, his associates and the services they offer. 

If you’d like to have more control over your tax bill and have a better understanding of how your investment choices affect it, contact us today for your complimentary financial review.


Retirement brings about many changes, including new routines, new adventures, and, possibly, a new tax bill. While everyone can benefit from lowering their tax liability, retirees especially should understand the tax implications of their financial decisions as they adjust to changes in income and expenses.

Download the article by John J. Brais for five ideas to consider that may help minimize taxes (and maximize your savings) in retirement.


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